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Jack The Ripper marijuana seeds

Jack The Ripper marijuana seeds

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Jack The Ripper

Jack’s Cleaner x Space Queen

Created from the legendary Jack’s Cleaner, pollinated by a Space Queen male, aka Space Dude which instantly added a fruity mango flavour and added its own unique potency to the mix. JTR seeds are huge, dark and tiger-striped, they are easy to grow and will produce good sized buds with a coating of resin so heavy it causes what’s known as resin curl along the ran leaf edges. Brushing against these plants while in bloom will fill the air with a thick heavy fruit peng, literally smells like like over-ripe mango. Top plants for bubblehash or dry sieving!

Indica/Sativa: 40%/60%
Flowering Time: 55-63 days
Yield: Good
Resin Production: Very High
Smell/Taste: Sweet Lemon, Hazey
Effect: Narcotic, Creative
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