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Vietnamese x Neville's Haze

Vietnamese x Neville's Haze

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Vietnamese x Neville's Haze

Hundreds of Neville’s haze f2s were grown out in an effort to show recessive parental traits. After careful selection and tasting we decided on very sativa dominate side of Neville’s haze that had a flowering time just short of 15 weeks and had the trippiest profound smoke quality with no paranoia or couch lock. Easy let down and no hang over.

An extremely early flowering Vietnamese male carrying an almost pure single cola shape growth was put over our specially selected Nevs haze girl.
The Viet male was so early that our girl was not prepared/advanced enough in flowering to take a dusting so pollen was collected and stored until she was ready.

The results have produced a sweet a piny/pepper-fruity aroma and when cured correctly brings out a lovely cameral hashy taste when smoked. Not all off spring will bring this intense thick taste but they all carry slight undertones and very enjoyable.
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