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stone mountain seeds

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General Information

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Genetics: (Bubba Kush x DJ Short’s Blue Moonshine) backcrossed to the Bubba Kush mother

Geographic Origin: Bubba Kush is thought to be an Afghani/Pakistani variety, while DJ Short’s Blue Moonshine is out of California — this cross was created by Scott, founder of Stone Mountain Wellness in Longmont, CO.

Seed Company/Clone: Clone only, very rare

Description: Bred and selected for a very potent, Indica-dominant effect, it appears that the mission was accomplished. This strain really packs a punch and can send the user into sleep rather easily — very relaxing and narcotic in nature. The plant itself is stretchier than the Bubba Kush mom but has tighter buds. Purple is the dominant color once it gets close to harvest… dark plant.


Story: Created by Scott, founder of Stone Mountain Wellness in Longmont, CO in an attempt to make an even heavier and more medicinal Indica than the Bubba Kush mother.

Awards: “Most Potent” at the 2010 Best Bud of Boulder cannabis cup

Growing Information

Flowering Time: 65 days

Preferred Growing Medium: Stretches more than the Bubba Kush mother. A long and thorough flush is recommended to bring out an array of fall colors, which normally get overtaken by purple as the plant finishes.

Patient Expectations

Scent: Very strong and musky, reminiscent mostly of the Bubba Kush mother

Flavor: Again, strong and musky, with some of the Bubba Kush dark tastes (coffee, chocolate, garlic) and just a slight sweetness that comes out at times

Effects: Overwhelming at times, Stone Mountain is very potent and hits strong immediately. Pervading sense of relaxation, strong muscle tension relief, and definite sleep aid properties, especially at higher dosages. Recommended for experienced patients who can handle the potency and desire strong Indica-dominant relief.
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