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Marleys Collie

Marleys Collie

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At the Cannabis Cup in November ‘97 we were honoured to meet Mrs. Rita Marley. Her presence in the atmosphere of the Cup made us decide to start to work on something special. A strain that we would create in respect for Bob Marley, her late husband. Bob Marley spread not only the fine sound of reggae, but also the Rastafarian religious Cannabis spirit around the globe and we can still feel his vibes today. The skills of the whole Sensi Seed research-lab were focused on work with some selected Jamaican plants that had been present in our mother rooms already for many years. Amazing results were found in an extraordinary hybrid we made with a fresh Indica related to our Maple Leaf Indica strain. A fresh, sweet, celebral Jamaican high with a short internote length and heavy duty wide-fingered Indica leafs. This plant will a’stonish’ everyone.
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