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Green Giant x Rosetta Stone

Green Giant x Rosetta Stone

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Green Giant x Rosetta Stone feminized

Green Giant x Rosetta Stone feminized is low-odour with a wonderful sweet smell and a sharp/sweet hint of spice. The buds are very thick and hard giving a very sticky spicy fruity smell .

A very clear head dominated high with no paranoid rush .This producing a very social smoke making you feel like wanting to be around with others.
Not to heavy and no to light.

Taste: greasy ginger/herb earthy, very smooth smoke

A definite keeper in any connoisseur’s garden.

You will find slight variation but all is welcome as it will only put a smile on your dial when you watch these babies grow. The results have been great and no hint of hermie problems but like any plant this is possible if they are subjected to a certain degree of stress. They are very easy to grow and clone.
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